Blue Hill Gamebirds

The History of Blue hill

Blue Hill Gamebirds started as a hobby and grew into a full-scale bird business that has expanded several times over its 30+ years.  Having hatched and produced several types of game birds in the past, Blue Hill hatchery presently devotes most of its efforts to its native strain pheasants, a pheasant that looks and performs the way hunting service operators want and need.

Blue Hill started with native breeding stock and has been able to maintain and enhance that line to this day.  A Blue Hill pheasant looks and acts like the native birds we see here in Midwest farm country, the center of the United States and Gamebird Country, each day.  They explode fast, fly hard, and know how to use cover like the native birds.

In 2002 Blue Hill expanded to include hard flying quail and Chukar partridge. Blue Hill acquires high quality quail and Chukar eggs which provide strong, healthy chicks that are available each season.

What you need to know.

Our customers are very important and it is because of you that we have been able to service the gamebird industry for more than 30 years.

Why Blue Hill GameBirds?

Blue Hill has the experience you need to provide an exciting and rewarding hunting experience season in and season out.  We are committed to our customers and have the knowledge and practical experience to fulfill your needs in a professional manner.