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About Us

The most important thing is high quality gamebirds!

What Really Matters


When it comes to delivered chicks and mature birds, Blue Hill strives to maintain the highest level of customer experience.  That is how we have maintained a consistent customer base for 30 years, and will continue.

Our Seasons

Hatching season begins in late April and continues through August and only chicks that are pre-ordered are hatched.  Orders are taken starting in January of each year for the next season.  Call today if you have questions or to schedule an order.

Blue Hill Gamebirds has been in business for

more than 30 years.  You can trust Don &

Virginia Montgomery to supply you with the

best game birds available.

Owner Don Montgomery started Blue Hill Gamebirds more than 30 years ago as a hobby and that hobby became almost an obsession as the business grew and clients multiplied.  Blue Hill Gamebirds & Hatchery has now been a dependable supplier of gamebirds for many successful clients around the Midwest for three decades with more than 700,000 gamebirds hatched and 50,000 birds raised to maturity . Count on that experience when you need gamebirds to fulfill the demand in this growing sport and industry.  Give Don a call today to find out if Blue Hill Gamebirds can become your supplier.


When buying Gamebirds you need the confidence that the birds will perform.

BlueHill Gamebirds & Hatchery guarantees birds delivered on time and birds that perform the way hunters expect gamebirds to perform.

At Blue Hill we are careful...

Are you a potential Blue Hill gamebird customer?

If you need gamebird chicks or mature birds delivered to your farm or ranch within the Midwest area or beyond, give us a call today at 785-545-7323 to schedule a delivery.

The birds above are being separated according to sex for delivery.